"Held for many years in autumn, the Healthcare exhibition has been contributing to the development of the healthcare system. With a recently changed brand, the exhibition has maintained its role as a modern platform for innovations and navigation in healthcare. I think the exhibition is a great platform for exchanging ideas between local and foreign experts".

Elsever Agayev,
Deputy Minister of the Healthcare of the Republic of Azerbaijan


"The users of our equipment with the most positive reviews are coming to us at the exhibition. In addition, those who wish to purchase our devices in the future show great interest. I think the exhibition will yield positive results in the near future and from next year the number of our equipment in Azerbaijan will increase".

Lev Kazmin,
Regional Sales Manager, Dornier MedTech (Germany)


"At the exhibition, we participate in order to expand our customer base and demonstrate the entire product line not only to distributors, but also to the end customer - doctors and patients. Azerbaijani consumers do not have information about all orthopedic products of our company. The exhibition is just one of those tools enabling you to show the entire range of goods. A few days before MEDINEX, we held meetings with potential partners and invited them to the exhibition, where it is possible to present all products".

Olena Sokolovska,
Director of Toros Group (Ukraine)


"Through this exhibition, I learned about the innovations of both local and foreign medicine.   In my opinion, the role of the exhibition in the progress of domestic medicine is certainly great. Here you can always learn about current trends, including the latest devices and medicines".

Shalala Azimova,
Medical practitioner at the Central Military Sanatorium, Baku


"In our opinion, a specialized exhibition allows us to provide information about the clinic to interested parties, and is also a place for new cooperation with other medical institutions".

Guzey I.A.,
Head of the Department of Operative Gynecology at City Clinical Maternity Hospital No 2, the Republic of Belarus