The State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance is the official supporter of “Medinex”

The State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance is the official supporter of “Medinex”

30 March 2022 0000

Azerbaijan International Exhibition of Medical Innovations, - the “Medinex”, will take place on 3-5 November, 2022 bringing together professionals of healthcare sector. Leading local and international manufacturers, as well as distributors will present their new products and services in order to help health clinics of the country improve, as well as enhance their treatment effectiveness.

The main reasons for the success of the “Medinex” exhibition, which is the largest professional event in the Caucasus region and a large-scale professional event in Azerbaijan, covering medical and health innovations is the annual support of the exhibition at the state-level and broad international content.

Farid Mammadov, General Director of “Caspian Event Organisers” and organiser of the “Medinex” exhibition, stated that the provision of quality medical services to citizens of Azerbaijan is one of the main directions of the social policy promoted by President Ilham Aliyev, and the introduction of compulsory health insurance as one of the important steps in this area continues to justify itself.

“It is very gratifying that the State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance is the official supporter of the “Medinex” Azerbaijan International Medical Innovation Exhibition, which will be held on 3- 5 November. I believe that our cooperation will be productive, and we will make a successful contribution to the health sector in the coming years through our joint activities,” General Director added.

Zaur Aliyev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance, said that the achievements in the field of health in recent years have led to Azerbaijan's gaining reputation in the international arena: "One of the main achievements in healthcare was the introduction of compulsory health insurance in the country under the leadership of the President and with the support of the First Vice President."

Speaking on the subject of COVID-19, Z. Aliyev said that the increase in demand for health services due to the pandemic that rages around the world brings new opportunities for the development of this field: "It is possible to control diseases at a high level by improving the quality of medical services, strengthening the healthcare inventory and logistics management and improving the professionalism of the medical staff."

According to Z. Aliyev, since the “Medinex” exhibition was organized, it has become an important international platform for building and developing cooperation between local and foreign companies and state-owned enterprises. Participation in an important health event provides an opportunity for companies to discuss international cooperation.

It should be noted that the “Medinex” exhibition, which covers information technology, medications, laboratory technology, medical tourism, medical education, is a platform for modern innovations and a navigator in healthcare industry.