We had many interesting meetings at Medinex

We had many interesting meetings at Medinex

5 november 2022 0000

Petr Telegin, General Director of BPlab (Russia)

- Our company is engaged in the production of 24-hour ambulatory arterial blood pressure monitors. We came to this exhibition together with a delegation from the Nizhny Novgorod region. And, therefore? I would like to express my opinion on behalf of the entire medical industry of Russia. The manufacture of equipment for the functional diagnostics is one of the most successful areas in this industry. This equipment is widely used in our country and in other countries of the world. But we are not so well known in Azerbaijan yet.

Our equipment is traditional, but its main feature is long-term operation, which is important for the end user. We had many interesting meetings at the exhibition. The reaction to our products is positive, we saw the interest expressed to it. The exhibition showed that we need to be more actively engaged in management, effectively offer our products. Today we have taken the first steps in this trend.

I always support the exhibition business. The Internet cannot replace live communication in the B2B format. Contacts made in the course of live communication at the exhibition, the opportunity, as they say, to “touch” the product, discuss its properties with specialists and manufacturers, are irreplaceable. The Medinex exhibition confirmed my opinion on this issue.