Useful meetings with specialists from local companies

Useful meetings with specialists from local companies

3 november 2023 0000

Olga Sokolova, Deputy Director of department, TM Geksa-Medical Products

The company I represent produces surgical linens and consumables, from masks through to complex surgical kits. We are actively working on finding distributors and accessing new markets. This is why I am here at Medinex today; it brings together numerous local and foreign companies, including from Russia. I stopped by several local stands and talked to the representatives there. Despite our products being applied in Azerbaijan, they still display interest in it. Following these negotiations, we will freeze our commercial proposals in accordance with all legislative and legal conditions.

Medicine is a field of innovation, and the only venue that brings them all together is without any doubt the exhibition. Over 15 years of my career, I have been to many profile exhibitions. Many of them, I must say, are rather image-building. The exhibition in Baku is a European-level events in terms of representation, stands etc. In my experience, such exhibitions are mostly visited by representatives of medical companies rather than physicians. And yet another positive feature of Medinex is the presence of medical personnel; I think it is facilitated by the business programme of the exhibition, which includes panel sessions on various topics.