Resident of free economic zone in Azerbaijan

Resident of free economic zone in Azerbaijan

4 November 2022 0000

Nushaba Gamidova, Logistics Manager at Biofarmax Afezco

Biofarmax Afezco was established by the Israeli Biofarmax company and became the first resident of the Alat Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Azerbaijan in 2022.

As a young company (it is only about two months old), we will debut at Medinex, but the Israeli Biofarmax company itself has been known in the world for about 40 years, and is engaged in the design and construction of specialised medical enterprises that produce medicines. Biofarmax manufactures various types of pharmaceutical products, in particular for cancer patients, as well as reagents for analysis.

In addition, the Israeli company produces air purifiers for hospitals and other specialized facilities.

In December 2022, Biofarmax will begin construction of a plant for the production of insulin, saline solutions, and various vaccines in the Alat FEZ.

Over time, this enterprise will also produce antibiotics, vitamins and other medical products that are in demand in Azerbaijan.

Participation in the exhibition is very important for us, because the company will launch the production of vital drugs as a part of the state strategy, and we want to inform a wide range of people about this.

The exhibition attendees ranging from government officials to ordinary visitors show great interest in our stand.