Once again, Medinex drew professional medics` attention

Once again, Medinex drew professional medics` attention

3 november 2023 0000

Feyruz Verdiyev, Head of Surgery Division, Binagadi Medical Center

I came to Medinex to review the medical industry innovations; as a surgeon, I am primarily interested in surgical equipment and tools, as well as cutting-edge technologies and methods of treatment. Notably, my attention was drawn to bipolar reusable laparoscopic instruments. I hope our center will purchase them this year, so that we can use them in our work.

I also took great pleasure in participating in the business programme of the event, the cardiology panel in particular. I am not a cardiologist myself, but reports by Rashad Mammadov, Ilgar Tahiroghlu etc. were quite interesting, and I learned a lot from them. It was the first time I heard that a child in Azerbaijan had undergone a simultaneous operation on the heart and the liver, and it was very reassuring for me that Azerbaijani surgeons can perform such complicated operations now.

Time and again, Medinex showed its sheer importance. For it is not always possible to acquire updated information from various sources. But the event brings the entirety of required information in a single space: on the stands, in panel discussions, and in professional exchanges with colleagues. It is just face-to-face exchange that makes exhibitions inherently superior to any other means of communication.