More than 30 years on the medical market of Azerbaijan

More than 30 years on the medical market of Azerbaijan

27 october 2023 0000

Mais Sailov, Managing Director of “LABSERVIS LTD”

The company “LABSERVIS LTD” started its activities in the Azerbaijan Republic in 1991 as the first professional IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics) company specializing in complex supplying of laboratory diagnostic products.

For more than 30 years, the company has been supplying the medical market of Azerbaijan with hi-tech solutions in the field of organizing diagnostic laboratories, their automation, digitalization and quality control of laboratory research.

In the list of our clients and long-term partners are the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic, the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance and The Administration of the Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB), the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other leading government agencies of the country, as well as a number of private medical centers, the laboratories which our company created from the moment of their organization and formation.

During time on the market, our company has implemented quite a lot of important government projects, such as the creation of the Central Reference Laboratory of the Ministry of Health, a network of laboratories throughout the country for thalassemia screening, laboratories for diagnosing genetic compatibility for bone marrow transplantation, a reference laboratory for diagnosing tuberculosis and a number of other national projects.

In the process of implementing such major and long-term projects, the company “LABSERVIS LTD” relies on modern technologies of our permanent foreign partners, namely, well-known global manufacturers of laboratory products such as Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland), Bio-Rad (USA), Human Gmbh (Germany), R- Biopharm AG (Germany), Diagon (Hungary), Greiner Bio-One (Austria) and a number of other global manufacturers, the official distributors of which we are.

This year we signed a contract with a large transnational company Horiba (Japan), whose products we will also present at this exhibition.

At this exhibition, our company will offer modern achievements in the complete automation of laboratory tests, allowing the end user to reduce to almost zero the influence of the human factor on the results of the analyzes themselves. The introduction of these technologies will not only increase the speed and volume of analyzes performed, but will also ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of these studies using a minimum number of staffs. This, in turn, will reduce both the costs of the laboratories themselves and the final cost of the tests performed for the citizens of our country.

The main goal of our participation at the exhibition is to introduce to our potential partners with the latest achievements in the field of laboratory diagnostics. We are

ready to discuss any projects in this area both with government organizations and with private companies and doctors interested in developing of their laboratories.

Our company has been cooperating for many years with the Caspian Event Organisers, which organizes multidisciplinary exhibitions in our country on various topics. The importance of the exhibition in the development of any industry can hardly be overestimated. The exhibition is a unique platform within which you can not only introduce a wide range of organizations and citizens to the latest technologies and achievements in a particular area, but also hold B2B meetings with buyers and other interested parties, find out opinions and views on one or another area of development, acquire new partners.

Since CEO always conducts such events at the highest level, we would like to thank the organizers for providing a platform for cooperation and the opportunity for our company to contribute to the further development of laboratory diagnostics in our country.

In conclusion, I would like to wish success to all participants of the exhibition.