Medinex has pleasantly surprised and delighted me!

Medinex has pleasantly surprised and delighted me!

4 november 2023 0000

Elshan Agaev, Physician at ENT (Germany)

I am an allergist and otolaryngologist practicing in a private clinic in Hamburg. I have been living in Germany for many years and, in addition to practicing, I am engaged in scientific activities. Our visit to Medinex coincided with our participation in the Azerbaijani-Turkish Pediatric Forum held in Baku. We received an invitation to the exhibition from TABIB and the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Germany.

I am speaking from the perspective of a person who has attended many exhibitions around the world: at Medinex I was pleasantly surprised and pleased by two factors. First of all, the intensity of the exhibition both on the part of the exhibitors and, above all, local companies and the interest shown in Medinex by the country's medical community. Undoubtedly, foreign experience in the manufacturing of equipment, medicines, and provision of medical services is important. However, another pleasant fact is that Azerbaijani organizations and companies are presenting goods and services of no other than high quality. The second important point that I noticed is the business program taking place during the exhibition, which includes sessions and panel discussions where leading experts and specialists share their knowledge and experience on the most topical issues of medicine. I can say that in the future, we are also ready to participate and invite famous professors, doctors, and representatives of European companies to the exhibition so that they can share their best practices.