Medinex: a clear demonstration of Azerbaijan`s healthcare success

Medinex: a clear demonstration of Azerbaijan`s healthcare success

4 november 2023 0000

On 4 November 2023, the 3rd Azerbaijan International Medical Innovations Exhibition, Medinex completed its work in Baku Expo Center. As part of this undertaking, an event for beauty-sector companies was organized under the title "Beauty Azerbaijan". Both the project brought together nearly a hundred companies from 14 countries and garnered huge interest, with thousands of local and foreign visitors in attendance.

In his speech during the opening ceremony, Minister Teymur Musayev pointed out that medical exhibitions, which have been held for many years, are the clear indication of achievements in the field of health, one of the core dimensions of development of the independent Azerbaijan.

The current exhibition served as a spectacular continuation of traditional projects in the field of medicine at the international level, bringing together industry specialists and experts, business representatives, and all medicine-oriented organizations on one single platform.

Rich expositions included information technologies in medicine, medications, vitamins and dietary supplements, orthopedic products, dental equipment, medical tourism, etc. Practicing physicians were highly interested in medical and laboratory equipment showcased as part thereof. Leading domestic and foreign manufacturers and distributors demonstrated new products and services that will help improve national clinics, meet the needs of consumers, and increase the efficiency of treatment.

This year's exhibitions have coincided with a memorable date; in 2023, the centenary of Heydar Aliyev, National Leader of Azerbaijan and the founder of the independent Azerbaijani state is marked. The Great Leader always attached special importance to the development of the medical sector and innovative projects, highlighting this dimension as one of the main priorities in the state's development. A “Forum of Medical Innovations” dedicated to this centenary was organized in the presentation area of the exhibition.

This year also marks the centenary of the outstanding ophthalmologist, scientist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva, who made a significant contribution to the development of the medical field. The exhibition featured a thematic panel discussion on ophthalmology, dedicated to this significant event.

On the overall, the business programme held as part of the exhibition caused great interest among many industry specialists. Professionally organized and conducted, sessions and panel discussions brought together leading experts and practitioners who shared knowledge and experience on pressing issues in medicine. Talking to journalists, representatives of foreign companies emphasized that such a high level of the business programme makes it necessary to invite famous professors, doctors, and company representatives from Europe so that they could also share their best practices at the exhibition.

The official sponsors of Medinex 2023 were the Administration of the Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB) and the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance.
The exhibitions are organized by Caspian Event Organisers together with its partners, Caspian Event Management and ICA Events.