Medinex 2022: spectacular innovations, current trends, global healthcare practices

Medinex 2022: spectacular innovations, current trends, global healthcare practices

5 november 2022 0000

On November 5, Azerbaijan International Medical Innovations Exhibition - Medinex and Azerbaijan International Beauty Industry Exhibition - Beauty Azerbaijan which were organised by Caspian Event Organisers, completed their work at the Baku Expo Center. The combined exposition of the exhibitions attracted more than 90 companies from 12 countries of the world.

Medinex exhibition is a new brand that has evolved from the years-old BIHE medical exhibition and is an important part of the healthcare industry. The project effectively emphasised the significance of protecting the health of the people, improving the quality of medical services, strengthening the material and technical base of healthcare and professional training of personnel, and applying innovations in the field of medicine.

As was noted by Teymur Musayev, Minister of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the current event is another positive continuation of international projects implemented over the course of thirty years.

I would like to highlight the demonstration at the exhibition of modern information technologies and medical programs, which is an important component of the development of domestic medicine. Azerbaijan, Algeria, Belarus, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Türkiye, Japan, Switzerland exhibited laboratory equipment, medical equipment, medical products, education, pharmaceuticals and drugs, vitamins and dietary supplements, optics, dentistry, orthopedics, ambulance transport, clinics, etc.

The exhibition rightfully became the largest event in the Caspian region that brought together medical professionals. It is no coincidence that the participants of the exhibition, along with establishing business cooperation, gained a lot of experience and new knowledge. It is especially important that the practical and scientific events planned as part of the exhibition served to develop and acquire new knowledge for young professionals.

As part of Medinex exhibition, a business program was implemented, in which specialists from various fields of medicine took part. The panel discussions on the topics of "Innovative approach to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases", "New generation systems in diagnosis and their clinical advantages", "Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment in pediatrics", "Innovative technologies in medicine", "Innovative medicines " attracted great interest.

During the VIP tour well-known representatives of domestic medicine highly appreciated  Medinex exposition and its role in informing the public about innovations, studying modern trends, and practical application of modern healthcare achievements.