I was pleasantly surprised by the numerous innovations!

I was pleasantly surprised by the numerous innovations!

7 November 2019 0000

Firudin Gurbanov, cardiologist at the German clinic Siegerland Diakonie

- Here, at the Medinex 2019 exhibition, I was pleasantly surprised by innovations, both in the field of therapy, and in the field of medical equipment, which I managed to meet at the stands of several companies.

Holding such exhibitions in Azerbaijan is very important. In our medicine today, there are two areas - doctors who were educated in the Soviet period, and young specialists who were brought up during the years of independence and graduated from foreign medical universities. It seems to me that it is very important for doctors of the old formation to familiarize themselves with new modern trends, including those in medicine. At the same time, the development of medicine is so fast that it is important for young doctors to be in trend all the time. From this point of view, Medinex is very important and useful.