Hope for the fruitful cooperation!

Hope for the fruitful cooperation!

5 November 2022 0000

Mikhail Davydkin, Leading International Sales Manager, Medmarine (Russia)

- I came to Baku as part of a business mission from Nizhny Novgorod region. I would like to establish cooperation and find a distributor partner in Baku. We talked with local experts, demonstrated our products to them, exchanged views on the prospects for introducing our equipment to the market.

I should note that our equipment for heating the patient and his speedy recovery in the post-surgery period (fast tracking) is weakly represented in this region. It has a number of unique properties - a control unit that allows you to connect several mattresses at the same time, segmented heating of individual parts of the body, etc. I think that we have raised interest among potential partners in Azerbaijan, including representatives of public and private clinics. We hope for the fruitful cooperation in the future on a long-term basis.

Medical technologies are constantly developing. In our modern world, the organisation of high-quality medical services is possible only in close cooperation between companies from different countries and with the exchange of experience and technology. I believe that field-oriented exhibitions of the Medinex format solve important tasks, allow you to demonstrate yourself and find out what innovations colleagues and partners offer. Live communication at exhibitions is indispensable and is the basis for the creation of future cooperation.