High opinion about distance lithotripsy

High opinion about distance lithotripsy

7 November 2019 0000

Lev Kazmin, Regional Sales Manager, Dornier MedTech (Germany)

- The German manufacturer Dornier MedTech, headquartered in Munich, is the founder of distance lithotripsy. It was at the University Hospital of Munich in 1980 that the first crushing of stones in human kidneys was made. The technology immediately gained great popularity and still is in great demand among urologists. Today, we remain leaders and cover over forty percent of the remote lithotripter market. We also produce general surgical and urological lasers. In general, urology and treatment of urolithiasis is our main trend. We offer various types of lithotripters, lasers, and shock-wave therapy devices used in urology, orthopedics, traumatology, sports medicine and physiotherapy to visitors to the exhibition in Baku.

Our equipment is well known in Azerbaijan. The modular, compact, mobile and stationary equipment Dornier is widely used in public and private clinics of Azerbaijan. The users of our equipment with the most positive reviews are coming to us at the exhibition. In addition, those who wish to purchase our devices in the future show great interest. I think the exhibition will yield positive results in the near future and from next year the number of our equipment in Azerbaijan will increase.