Bifistim - new dietary supplements

Bifistim - new dietary supplements

2 november 2023 0000

Alina Maximova, Export Division Assistant, Sotex JSC

A Russian pharmaceutical company, Sotex is an undisputable leader in their field. We have our own production facility; it opened in 2005 in Moscow Region and meets all the international standard requirements. We have a few European- and Russian-level GMP certificates. Our product slate boasts over 150 drugs of different types, packages, dosages; that helps physicians treat each patient individually and write them a custom prescription. The leader among them is Anvimax, an ànti-cold medication that helps relieve fever, cold fit, and headache. This year, we have come to Medinex with our new product line, Bifistim. These dietary supplements contain bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, and saccharomycetes. Bifistim helps restore intestinal microflora and normalize digestion. This line is extensive and suits all ages; besides, it includes Bifistim Forte and Bifistim Denta, which contain several types of bacteria.

This is not the first time we have participated in the exhibition. Our company works extensively with Azerbaijan, and we have business partners here. But we are still interested in expanding our links so that we can promote our medications and grow cooperations across the country.