Benefits of clinical data platform

 Benefits of clinical data platform

6 November 2019 0000

Talgat Elemanov, Chairman of the Board, DAMU Group of Companies (Kazakhstan)

Our stand-alone system provides services for the public, government and medical organisations. While developing an electronic health passport, which is available for each doctor, our system provides the patient with transparency and appointments, a vision of all medical documents and the use of services of all clinics (a total of 821 medical facilities).

The company has been on the market for 15 years. Since 2015, our system of work has covered 80 per cent of all clinics in Kazakhstan. Two million four hundred thousand patients who are constantly using our services are connected to us. Now we are working abroad to expand the company's sphere of influence.

A number of services and offers are presented at our stand both for the population and for the Ministry of Health. Here we are demonstrating the effectiveness of our work, the specifics and the set of tools, how we deliver patients to clinics and save lives, as well as the system of interconnection for doctors.

This is our first visit to Azerbaijan and the purpose of participation in the exhibition is determined by the desire to demonstrate our stand-alone system; we want to attract the interest of Azerbaijan in order to use interstate relations that will enable us to create a clinical data platform and collect information on patients. This will in turn increase the level of public health.