Any exhibition promotes international cooperation

 Any exhibition promotes international cooperation

7 november 2019 0000

Elena Timofeeva, Manager of "Secretum" (Russian Federation)

I can say that the exhibition is well presented. I liked the venue which was chosen for its organization. Today there are a lot of interesting companies that have enough useful information for visitors. Most of all I was attracted by the bright and beautiful stand of the Azerbaijani company Diamed - I could not pass by it. I also read in detail the information on R-Pharm products.

I came to the exhibition with the goal of finding suppliers of drugs. As an employer, I can say that by observing the course of the exhibition, I determined some priorities for myself. These impressions are connected with the perspectives of the expositions: I would like for beauty and medicine to be somehow separated.

Of course, the role of the exhibition in the development of this sphere is quite large. I believe that any exhibition is an international cooperation. Such exhibitions allow companies to expand their capabilities, establish new contacts.