Medinex - TABIB has developed a broad business program for specialists

TABIB has developed a broad business program for specialists



Zamira Adilova, Head of Public Relations and Event Organisation Department,  TABIB

- Azerbaijan International Medical Innovations Exhibition, Medinex which is being held at the Baku Expo Center with the support of the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance and the Administration of the Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB) public legal entity aims to expand innovations in the field of medicine, present innovations, and identify new trends.

Apart from being an official partner in the exhibition TABİB is also represented by an official pavilion covering an area of 64 square meters. There will be business events held as part of the exhibition with the support of TABIB which will be attended by specialists from various fields of medicine. Thus, the application of modern technologies in laparoscopic surgery, a multifaceted view of cardiovascular diseases, a psychiatric approach to children and adolescents actual problems, dental and physiotherapeutic services for hemophilia patients, diagnostics, nutrigenetics, 3D models of future technologies, modern prosthetic technologies, early diagnosis of oncological diseases, topics such as innovative orthotic prostheses and their application in rehabilitation, mental health services in the post-conflict period, application of stem cell and nanotechnology-based methods in the treatment of diseases, application of artificial intelligence in the screening of tuberculosis and other lung diseases, and stem cell transplantation will be discussed.

At the same time, we have organised a photo exhibition reflecting the history of medicine, which we believe will be interesting for visitors.

Our main goal in participating in the exhibition is to inform visitors about our services and our company, establish new cooperative relationship, and get familiarised with innovations in the field of medicine. At our pavilion we would like to see professionals of the field, students, citizens who want to get information about medical services and benefit from them.

In addition to the opportunity to expand international cooperative relationship, the exhibition participants gain effective exchange of experience and new knowledge.

Medinex exhibition also serves as an important international platform for establishing and developing cooperation between local and foreign companies and state institutions.