Medinex - A wide range of orthopedic products

A wide range of orthopedic products



Olena Sokolovska, Director of Toros Group (Ukraine)

- Toros Group has been manufacturing orthopedic medical products for twenty years. Our products are a "bridge" that helps to achieve positive results in the prevention and treatment of the musculoskeletal system and recover after surgical medical intervention.

At Medinex, we are presenting medical postoperative, rehabilitation supportive bandages, posture correctors, arm and leg bandages. A distinctive feature of our products is a perfect fit on any figure, and the use of high-quality natural fabrics. All our products have European quality certificates which ensure their sale in Europe, America, CIS countries.

Our products are also well known in Azerbaijan, where there is our partner - AvroMed. At the exhibition, we participate in order to expand our customer base and demonstrate the entire product line not only to distributors, but also to the end customer - doctors and patients. Azerbaijani consumers do not have information about all orthopedic products of our company. The exhibition is just one of those tools enabling you to show the entire range of goods. A few days before MEDINEX, we held meetings with potential partners and invited them to the exhibition, where it is possible to present all products.