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Azerbaijan International Medical Innovations Exhibition
5 - 6 November 2020

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Unique and patented HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic) technology is used in the treatment of urinary incontinence in women and at the same time restoring the strength and tone of the thigh muscles. According to various clinical trials conducted with the FMS-certified EMSELLA device in the United States, 95% of patients are fully satisfied with the treatment results.

Healthy living support (Agency of Innovations)

The company provides an innovative solution for personal health management.Everyone around the world should own their medical records and use this data to optimally manage their wellness and health. Healthy Living Support is here to help in this manner. The targets are to train people for a healthy lifestyle, self-managed health, help people to extend healthy life expectancy and help doctors provide independent remote medical assistance. Mission is to educate people about healthy lifestyles in order to build a healthy society.

There are two solutions: one for a mass measurement for business, the second one for personal use. Both allowing users to optimally manage their daily life, which covers approximately 75% of overall health.

The system is based on the Mobile Health Station and online Internet Portal. On the Mobile Health Station user can measure up to 44 different health parameters in only 7 minutes and get the results immediately via SMS and E-mail. By accessing to personal account on the Portal, user may graphically observe the data trends, get recommendations on health parameters to be considered, and get notification to visit a doctor for in critical situations.

User who gets a treatment within the framework of the system parameters, can perform regular measurements and graphically monitor the impact of the treatment.

By obtaining detailed information about healthy lifestyle from the portal and taking early action against any warnings, user may extend their life expectancy.

By using business model it is possible to bring service closer to users. The solution can be applied to any shopping centers, high residential buildings, schools, rural residential areas, which do not have any laboratory, big companies and country wise. The capability of solution is too high, because one station may serve one person in 7 minutes, 2040 per month, 24480 per year and N-number of station may work parallel. For example, to scan 1,000,000 persons within 10 months, 100 stations are required Also system can provide geographic health map as statistics, where authorities may use these statics for a better management of society health.

Personal model allows up to 4 accounts considered for families. Measurements can be started manually or automatically depending of configuration. Triggering levels for warning can be defined per user, the result can be send to N number of destinations as SMS or e-mail as a warning.

By help of this solutions, doctors may provide better and cheaper remote health service. We are helping doctors to treat their patients anywhere, anytime, no borders, no limitations.

Selcis Mixed Reality Computer Aided Surgery System (Agency of Innovations)

Modern Oral & Maxillofacial surgery meets high functional and aesthetic requirements.

While performing high accuracy surgery the special navigational devices that allow surgeon to trace invisible anatomic structures by creating the so called “X-ray vision effect” during the operation are used. However, using these devices, a doctor has  to watch the monitor which is beyond the surgical field and it increases the risk of technical errors.

The research aimed at the elimination of this problem has been conducted at Azerbaijan Medical Institute since 2017. The multifunctional group led by professor Chingiz Rahimov has developed a navigational system using an augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

While reconstructive facial surgery our technology enables a surgeon to see the real surgical field, virtual simulation of the performed surgery and visualize the anatomical structures invisible to an eye simultaneously and it allows to navigate the surgical procedure due to application of virtual computer simulation.

The software pipeline was developed to obtain this effect. CT raw data is loaded into the system and is used for creation of 3D models of anatomic structures which represent real patient’s anatomy. Then, with the help of the obtained digital models the digital preoperative planning is performed. The necessary information – the 3D models of the significant for the performance of the operation anatomic structures and additional information, such as the location of an implant or drilling trajectory are loaded into augmented reality glasses.

The software developed for glasses allows to place 3D models of anatomic structures unseen by the naked eye in the form of holograms, and as a result the X-ray vision effect is obtained.

This approach significantly increases accuracy, aesthetic and functional result of surgery and reduces damage and duration of the operations.

The given technology is also used to enhance the training process of medical beginners via surgery stimulation.